New Loyalty Points release: A new way to offer bonus points on your store


We released a new feature this week that’s perfect for Black Friday!

With our Loyalty Points app, you’ve always had the option to offer bonus points on your store, it’s the perfect way to reward your customers, or even promote a hard to sell products. 

You could offer points based on:

Product purchases: Offer bonus points for purchasing products.
Social Bonuses: Offer bonuses to customers for sharing your store information via social media.
Registration Points: Award loyalty points to customers for registering a customer account on your store.

With our newest release, you have a new way to offer your customers points that will give you more flexibility than ever.

Introducing Campaigns!

You can now define your own rules for earning and redeeming bonuses based on a specific date range. How perfect is that for Black Friday weekend??

Sales ideas using the new Bonus Events for your Loyalty Points App

Get your customers into your store on low traffic days: Offer every customer a flat number of bonus points (ex. 50 free points) every Tuesday on you store by selecting a specific date and point amount when setting up the sale.

Annual birthday points: Built into the release is the option to award every customers a flat number of bonus points on the anniversary of their birthday.

Slow time of the month? Offer bonus points store wide the first week of January using a specific date range.

Run a Black Friday sale without having to actually put anything on sale: Offer triple the points on Black Friday Through Cyber Monday by setting a pre-selected date range.

Increase your customers' earning potential by throwing a surprise sale: Instead of offering your usual earning ratio (ex. get 1 point for every $1 spent) offer your clients a higher ratio for one day only (or even a few days!). Maybe offer 4 points for every $4 spend during the 4th of July weekend.

Don’t want to offer bonus points? On a specific date or date range change the redemption ratio for every customer.

Don’t have our Loyalty Points app? What are you waiting for! It allows you to reward your customers for making purchases in your store, awarding points based on the items users have paid for. Those points can then be redeemed for free merchandise and other rewards when enough points have been accumulated.

The app can incentivize customers for future purchases, and increase your average order value! It even has the ability to import customers from existing apps, customize redemption options, implement membership tiers and see trends with our built-in analytics and report.

Download the app here.

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John Bruce

Written by John Bruce

John is a full-time copywriter, part-time boxing coach, and former cable-access host.

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