Bold unveils six new eCommerce solutions for high-growth merchants

Autumn is here, which means change is in the air: the leaves, the weather… and Bold!

We are excited to unveil our fresh, new look on Bold still remains a multifaceted and industry-leading eCommerce software development company whose goal is to empower entrepreneurs and merchants to succeed.

What’s new though is a shift in our company philosophy to make it clear what our values are, and how we’re combating our merchant’s biggest pain points. We’re moving from focusing on not only building amazing apps for eCommerce, but also providing industry-leading solutions in six core areas:



Changes to our app's names:

new-app-namesWhile we’ve changed the names of some of our apps and refreshed their logos, they still remain the same at the core; designed with you in mind, and offering powerful features for your eCommerce store. The rest of our apps can still be found under the same titles.


Now, let’s run through the solutions.

Bold Subscriptions

The Bold Subscriptions solution was designed to make selling subscriptions as easy as possible. It’s rich with features such as a customized cancellation-prevention flow, flexible subscription types & billing, product swapping, a powerful customer portal, and more.

Why might you want to run a subscription-based business, or even include it in your current business plan? Well, it offers industry-leading subscription box features while also supporting recurring payments on all of your products and services.

Not to mention, you’ll increase your monthly recurring revenue.

Bold Checkout

Bold Checkout is a fresh new way to look at the checkout experience. Rather than your checkout just being the last step for your customers, we believe it should be a way to maximize your sales while giving them the best-possible experience on your website.

With it, you have the power to fully customize your checkout with multiple payment gateways, multi-currency billing, a one page or multi-page checkout, customizable domains, stored accounts,the ability to pay with integrated loyalty points, post-purchase upsells, and so much more.

Our goal is to make Bold Checkout the fastest, most flexible, customizable, developer-friendly, and highest-converting checkout; period.

Bold Conversion

Bold Conversion is a solution that aims to turn those lurkers into buyers. This solution combines five of our apps to encourage customers to either make a purchase, or add that one extra item to their cart, subsequently increasing your average order value (AOV).

With Bold Upsell, you can create upsell and cross-sell offers that are triggered when pre-selected products (that you choose) are added to a customer’s cart. When you combine this with Cashier, you’ll have the option to offer upsells after checkout, which have been shown to be the highest-converting upsell you can offer.

Bold Discounts allows you to run ‘deal-of-the-day’ promotions and curate special sales on select products, groups, or even your entire store with the click of a button.

Bold Motivator is perfect for encouraging your customers to increase their cart total in order to receive a deal, such as free shipping or a gift with purchase.

With our Bold Bundles app, you’ll be able to create new products by choosing existing items on your store and offering them as a set. By offering a better price than if all of those items were purchased individually, you can encourage an increased AOV.

The Bold Brain is our smartest app; as soon as you install it, it gets to work analyzing thousands of data points on your store. Based on the information it collects, Bold Brain will offer unique product recommendations to your individual customers based on their past shopping behavior (browsing & search history), past purchases, similar customers’ behavior, and more.

Bold Customization

Bold Customization combines our two powerful personalisation apps: Product Builder and Product Options.

With Bold Customization, empower your customers by giving them the ability to build uniquely customized products from scratch, with no limit to the options you can offer.

Another great feature of Bold Customization is that you can create option sets (such as size or color) and bulk-apply them to multiple products (such as a collection, brand, etc.)  with a single click, significantly reducing the amount of time you need to spend creating these sets.

Not only does the solution give your customers freedom to customize, but it also gives you that freedom. With our user-friendly, in-app editor, you can style your options to appear exactly how you want.

Bold Loyalty

The Bold Loyalty solution is made up of five apps that give you the best chance of boosting customer loyalty. With the help of Loyalty Points, Custom Pricing, Bold Memberships, Bold Brain, and Bold Returns, you can:

  • Increase repeat purchases and encourage your customers to buy more by offering a simple, easy-to-use loyalty or rewards program on your store.
  • Offer wholesale or VIP member pricing to qualifying customers.
  • Create custom-priced membership tiers or sell annual memberships with exclusive access to content on your website. (exclusive pages, products, blogs, collections, etc.)
  • Automatically give personalized offers to customers based on historical data from your store (as analyzed by Bold Brain).
  • Offer a robust returns portal that allows customers to submit requests, track the status of their return, and generate & print shipping labels all in one place.

Furthermore, you can combine our Memberships, Loyalty Points, and Custom Pricing apps to do amazing things!

For example, you can sell a membership product that auto-tags a customer as VIP. They’ll automatically be grouped into a different tier for earning or redeeming loyalty points, while simultaneously receiving a special VIP discount of 5% across your entire store, 10% off specified collections, or anything else you’d like to offer.

On top of that, while using our Memberships app at the same time, customers will gain access to exclusive products and member-only pages on your website.

Bold Everywhere

Bold Everywhere is your key to unlock international selling; it’s the perfect way to boost your eCommerce sales with a global checkout experience. With over 150 real-time currencies, 54+ languages, and automated currency switching based on customer location, you can easily customize your website to offer multi-language and multi-currency billing that truly feels local.

By "truly feeling local" we mean that as soon as customers navigate to your website, all prices will be automatically shown in their local currency - even on the payment page - with the ability to bill customers in the currency of their choice, too! They’ll never have to leave your site to do manual calculations, and your conversions will skyrocket.

Need a little more convincing?

If you’ve got any hesitations about downloading our apps, know that we’ll be ready to help you along every step of the way with industry-leading support from a team of over 80 eCommerce specialists.

Our tools have been built on industry-leading servers to ensure that as your traffic grows, your site doesn’t slow. We are fully PCI and GDPR compliant, and integrate with leading fraud prevention software to provide additional security.

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