One Shopify app to rule them all

March 31, 2017

Today we're excited to announce our biggest Shopify app release to date! After close to 5 years of developing apps for Shopify, and listening to customers, we've learned a lot. In the past we thought building as many apps as possible was the key to success, and in our early days this certainly was true. In the last few years we've started learning that less really can be more, and our announcement today was born from that insight.

Some of the questions we get from customers on a daily basis are "What do all your apps do??", "What's the difference between all your apps", "I'm confused what apps I need" and so on. It's understandable, there really are a lot!

We're extremely excited to finally be able to tell you what we've been working on! Some are already calling it, "The Shopify app to rule them all".

Introducing PUMMBA Plus

It simplifies just about everything, for everyone! Imagine all the features of our apps packed into one, that's PUMMBA Plus! Now you can do things like run memberships programs where different members get different tiers of loyalty points, or special pricing, or get specific targeted upsell offers, or get special discounts, and so one. That's a simple little example, but yesterday, you'd need Recurring Memberships, Loyalty Points, Customer Pricing, Product Upsell and Product Discount just to run something like that. Today, you just need one app, PUMMBA Plus.

Grab a copy free for life!

As mentioned in the video, as part of our beta program we are giving the app away FREE to the first 1,000 store owners that install it! If you're one of the lucky ones to get in, you'll be locked in free for life! 

Learn more about the app, and grab a free copy of it here. 


Jay Myers

Written by Jay Myers

CMO & Co-Founder at Bold. Jay is constantly looking at new ways to innovate in ecommerce, and make store owners lives better!

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