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The 3 best sales to run on your Shopify store this Black Friday

By Melanie Fatouros-Richardson on November 1, 2017

36.5 billion dollars were spent last Black Friday. That’s 36.5 BILLION, with a B, and if you’re ready for the onslaught of consumers ready to spend their money on November 24th, your store could get a piece of that action.

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How Pura Vida became one of the fastest growing Shopify subscription businesses, ever.

By Jay Myers on October 31, 2017

Pura Vida Bracelets have become one of the most recognizable lifestyle brands on Shopify. They built a brand that fans and celebrities around the world embrace, and proudly wear, to represent the "Pure Life" mantra they stand for.

A little over a year go ther started their "Pura Vida Club", a monthly Shopify Subscription Box that has become widly popular! They have quickly become one of the most successful subscription business on Shopify ever, and in this post we'll dive deeper into their story. 

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How to choose a high-converting Shopify theme

By Melanie Fatouros-Richardson on October 30, 2017


Want a Shopify theme that looks good, but also has awesome conversion rates? Then listen in as Mike walks you through choosing a high-functioning Shopify theme for your online store.

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How to use Shopcodes to drive repeat purchases to your Shopify store

By Aubrey Kotelko on October 27, 2017

You know those square bar codes that you can scan in stores using your phone? Those are QR codes, and lucky for us, Shopify recently announced the launch of Shopcodes: a QR-code based system that allows customers to scan and buy products using their mobile device. 

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Google Autocomplete Integration for  Recurring Orders

By Kevin Wild on October 26, 2017


We're excited to announce our Recurring Orders app for Shopify is now integrated with the Google Autocomplete system for checkout. 💰 💰

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Two proven ways to score more repeat customers

By Lauren Macdonald on October 24, 2017

What are the best ways for Shopify sellers to increase repeat purchases?

Offering an amazing loyalty program with a fast and accurate “after the sale” experience is the perfect place to start. They create happier customers and encourage them to keep coming back for more!

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How to use cross-sells and upsells to increase revenue on Shopify

By Mike Trakalo on October 23, 2017

One of the easiest ways to increase your average order value (AOV) this holiday season is with a classic upsell; a customer chooses an item to purchase, and as that item is added to the cart (or when they reach the checkout page) they're offered an upgrade to a bigger size or premium version.

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5 tips for building your mailing list before Black Friday

By Alanna Mahr on October 19, 2017

The countdown to Black Friday is on (November 24th!) and as a Shopify merchant that probably means you’ve got a lot on your plate.

Amid the chaos of ramping up production, training new staff, and prepping campaigns - not to mention the daily hustle of running your store - it’s easy to miss some of the small but impactful things you can do to boost sales during the biggest shopping days of the year.

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How to optimize your eCommerce website for max conversions

By Bill Widmer on October 18, 2017

How would you like to double your revenue?

I bet that caught your attention. Well guess what - optimizing your eCommerce website can do just that. And more.

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Introducing "True Upsells" for Shopify

By Jay Myers on October 17, 2017

Today we introduce "True Upsells", a BIG improvement to the Bold Product Upsell app.  Now you can offer customers two very different, but both very powerful, types of offers.  A True Upsell offer is an "upgrade and replace" offer , and a Cross-sell offer is an "add an additional product" offer.  They're both powerful selling tools, and now you can do both, with the Bold Upsell app! 

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