The 5 types of emails your eCommerce store needs to be sending

June 16, 2017


Mike Trakalo joins us again this week as a follow up to our last webinar, How to double your email list in the next 30 days, and answers the age old question: so you have an email list, now what?!

This time we'll dive into the 5 types of emails you should be sending your hard-won email list, the logic behind them, when to send them out, and some examples of great content.

Jump to...

1:45 : Welcome emails.
4:07 : Emails after a customers first purchase.
8:35 : Abandoned cart emails.
13:00 : Bulk mailer/promotional emails.
17:15 : Idle customer emails.
21:30 : Pro tips including how to personalize your emails, split testing, and how to utilize call to actions.

If you have any feedback on the new format send us an email or leave us a comment below: we always want to know what you think!

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Topics: eCommerce News

Melanie Fatouros-Richardson

Written by Melanie Fatouros-Richardson

Melanie is a content creator at Bold, and is a reality tv aficionado.

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